What kind of paint do you use?

We only use high quality Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic oil base

Does the paint smell bad?

It does have a smell until it cures typically within 12 hours.

Is this paint durable?

Yes, very durable, it can be cleaned very easily.

What is the process of painting kitchen cabinets?

First we remove all the doors/drawer fronts, and take the pulls off. We then brush and roll the bases with oil primer. We take the doors/drawers back to the shop to be sprayed with oil primer, we then brush and roll the first top coat on the bases, spray 1st coat on the doors/drawers, then finish coat the bases and doors drawers. Rehang and replace the pulls.

Can I have the bases sprayed as well?

Yes, this is much more labor intensive as we have to “wrap” and tear off all the containment, typically adding $1200.00-$1400.00 in labor cost.

How long does it take?

Typically 5-6 days from start to finish.

Can you install new hardware?

We can install new pulls if the holes line up, we do not drill holes for hardware, nor do we replace hinges.

What kind of finish can I expect?

An excellent smooth finish, as where some use airless sprayers we use HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) for the best finish possible.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

No, however if you send pictures of the entire kitchen we can give you a ball park.

How long have you been painting kitchen cabinets?

Six years, we have painted 100’s of kitchens.